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We have a range of services to help your business navigate through tough times.

There are various insolvency processes available to company directors. Cogent Consult will guide you through the process step by step to ensure that you are choosing the best possible solution for your business.

Company Voluntary Arrangement

We can make agreements with your creditors to pay over a fixed period whilst you continue to trade.


Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

This process allows directors to appoint their own liquidator and formally close an insolvent company.

Compulsory Liquidation

This can be a stressful time for a company director. We can help alleviate the stress and provide sound advice.


Corporate Funding

We can find you with the best corporate funding solutions to suit your company and expedite growth.

Business Troubleshooting

We can assess and advise on any problem you may be facing with your business.

Partnership Disputes

Disputes are surprisingly common in business and we have experience in dealing and advising on any issue.

We can help with any financial difficulty your business may be facing.

We have a range of different solutions to get your business through any financial problem or business dispute. We can take away all the stress of your situation and put a strategy in place for a positive outcome.


Bounce Back Loan Support

We can assist in negotiating the repayment of your BBL.


Let us assist with Creditor Negotiations

We take over all communications with your creditors.


Received a Statutory Demand?

We help you find best solution to and can provide responses to the claimant.

Are you looking to grow your business?

We offer a no obligation free consultation to talk about possible funding options. We can meet with you in person of via video/audio call.

Funding solutions from £50K to £5m

We can recommend the best products to suit your business needs.

Corporate Funding Solutions

Funding can be provided to help buy assets that will add long term value to your business.