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Our team provides experienced, high quality advice to companies and directors, facing insolvency or other financially challenging situations. We are committed to seeking practical solutions to those problems, through both formal and informal arrangements, to create an opportunity for long term success.


There are a number of ways we can help you with honest, independent advice that you can trust. Be it liquidation or salvation, we will guide you through the business difficulties you are facing with the aim of getting your business back on a stable footing.


Admitting that there is a problem is the first step to solving it! We are here to help you. It is never too late to get advice, and no matter what your circumstances are, a solution can usually be found.


Cogent Consult are also specialists in company troubleshooting and dispute resolution. From negotiating solutions with suppliers and funders to dealing with partnership disputes, Cogent Consult are able to bring experience and open thinking to assist you.

We are a team of experienced expert insolvency advisors

We have years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of corporate insolvency. We can negotiate to HMRC and creditors on your behalf.

Company Voluntary Arrangement

We can make agreements with your creditors to pay over a fixed period whilst you continue to trade.

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

This process allows directors to appoint their own liquidator and formally close an insolvent company.

Compulsory Liquidation

This can be a stressful time for a company director. We can help alleviate the stress and provide sound advice.

How Cogent can help your business navigate through tough times.

When your business is facing uncertain times we can help relieve all of that stress and put effective measures in place to put your business back on a strong footing.


One to One Consultation

We always begin with either a face to face or video call meeting to get to know you and understand your situation.


Plan of Action

After a full assessment of your situation we put in place a specific detailed plan of action in place to address the issues you are facing.


Expert Advice

We have years of experience in dealing with all types of business insolvency problems and disputes and can provide the best advice.