Lockdown 2021

Here we are in a new year and our resolution to drive forwards with our business recovery lasted the whole of two days, before being snatched away from us with the announcement of yet another lockdown. We are now facing the uncertainty of how long the new lockdown will last – it could be, by worst predictions, for some months.

It is undeniable that the advent of Covid-19, on top of the transition period of Brexit, has changed the business landscape dramatically. To survive in the long-term, company directors need to take a long hard look at their company and how well equipped it is to trade, and indeed prosper, in this new world order.

Company Health Check

Now would be a very wise time to examine your company and its business model and effectively carry out a “health check”.

At Cogent Consult we have over 30 years’ experience in advising directors on all aspects of corporate recovery, restructuring, refinancing and insolvency. We can assist you with ensuring that your business is prepared for the future and in a fit state to take advantage of the new opportunities that invariably accompany such major market changes.

We are dedicated to helping directors make the right decisions, at grasping available opportunities and minimising the impact of financial problems brought about by these extraordinary times.

Cogent Consult offer a personal consultation, in which we will work together to determine the best path forward for you and your business. We offer this initial consultation totally free of any charge or obligation.